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Monday, September 7, 2015

How to install Windows 7 and Upgrade to Windows 10 The Proper Way!

You can download Windows 10 any version that you want to upgrade to here For the limited time free upgrade option, you need to check on what version of windows 7 or windows 8 you are using. You need to download the correct version in order to take advantage of this limited time free upgrade option.

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Looking for Someone to do a Software Review?

At A Best PCs we are glad on reviewing a software for you to look up. It is our duty to help you determine what software is better and where to go for tutorials. If you would like us to review what software is good based on features and don't want to install multiple software onto your computer, then let us do it for you. Its free. All you do is go to and  in the Mail Form, select Software Review as the Subject then type in what software you are looking for and any special features and we will look up the best software and compare your options if available. You may also want to subscribe to this blog, and comment in the text below for the software you want to be reviewed.

 Blog Article By: Andrew Ditch from A Best PCs