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Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Best PC's Preview on Iolo System Mechanic Pro 15

Iolo System Mechanic Pro 15 Review

Why We Use Iolo?

Iolo has been part of our computers since version 5 and is one of the elite software that not only say what it does, but it does what it says it does. It indeed does speed up your computer by fixing your computer settings and system files, and protecting your computer from viruses and spyware. At A Best PCs we are proud partners with Iolo and want to thank them for offering such great products over the years. We have done several bench mark tests and battery life test to see if there are indeed improvements, We hate to say there are improvements in both battery life and performance. We had this Toshiba Laptop that had about 2 hours of battery life with Windows 10 Pro 64 and after we set up the Iolo System Mechanic Live Boost it not only made our battery life go from 2 hours to about 3 to even 4 hours without compromising performance. It actually made our system faster even with the Live Boost set at Endurance Mode. I did not show much of the Live Boost feature so I  included a seconded video for Live Boost and other short cuts with Iolo System Mechanic Pro 15 from the icons in the System Tray.

You can buy Iolo System Mechanic Pro from

Iolo System Mechanic Pro 15 Video

Iolo System Mechanic Pro 15 Live Boost (How to configure Live Boost to Optimize Speed and Battery Life)