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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Speeding Up Computers with Iolo System Mechanic Pro 15.5

Iolo System Mechanic Pro (It Really Works)

Does Iolo System Mechanic Pro really work?

Written By: Andrew from A Best PC's, Tonawanda, NY

I will share my take on Iolo System Mechanic Pro 15.5 for an easy self-doing fixing up your computer with this quick question... Does System Mechanic really work? My short answer is yes. I will share with you my bench mark results using PC Mark 8.

System Mechanic Benchmark Video  Part 1 of 3.

Please note in video 1, we had a typical computer with windows installed and without System Mechanic Pro installed on it to enhance the computer's performance.

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Here is where we Tune Up The Computer with System Mechanic Pro 15.5.

We tuned up our test computer with System Mechanic Pro 15.5 and performed the optional repairs System Mechanic showed. We then ran one final benchmark test using PC Mark 8, which showed minimal improvements however, this test computer is a fast computer that had a clean install of Windows 10 Pro 64 with some software like Adobe CS 6 and Office 2010 Pro and Office 365 among other software.

Final Benchmark Test Revealed a Improvement and The Test Was Faster.

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 Blog Article By: Andrew Ditch from A Best PCs