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Thursday, August 25, 2016

An Update to Our New Website Design!

At A Best PC'S we strive at providing you with the best computer and laptop repair services possible. This is why we changed our website layout to match our mobile site. I Andrew Ditch and will be updating the website for a responsive website whether you are on a mobile device or desktop. So here is the road map for our website and design in a 3 stage deployment...

Stage One

Stage one is what you see at it's simple, yet not 100 percent complete. It has some missing pages within the products pages. It has a messy yet complex content. Yet it offers some new features such as a new contact form and over all new contact us page.

Stage Two

Stage two is our current beta site at and is currently being developed with new rich content and features. Here we messed with yet another banner and will be developing our full featured website to be deployed in about 2 to 4 weeks from the post date. It may be sooner but don't count your hopes too high. We are taking our time with setting up the pages with all new content. The biggest change here is going to be the new store  front and custom built computer quote pages. This is being reconstructed with all new text and graphics. This should be updated as each page is developed and be fully online by mid-September 2016.

Stage Three

The thitd and final stage is yet again another beta page that will not be published publicly. This is yet again going to be retooled mainly with another banner, new logo, and new navigation menu. This time we are going to over hull the entire look and feel of our new website, including the home page, services page, contact page, just to name a few. The text on the products page and store page should be pretty much set the way we like it but we may tweak yet again our graphics and layout of the text. This site, has absolutely no time table on development or deployment, but we do hope to have up by Mid to End of October. This site will be the best site yet with graphics as our primary focus with less text to have a more modern world design.

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Blog Article By: Andrew Ditch from A Best PCs