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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

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The Attorney General of NYS Law Suit Against TWC, Spectrum, and Charter...
This is a link to the court paper filing of the law suit against TWC, Spectrum and Charter from the NYS Attorney General's office. This is a PDF Link... I will include a link to my full article in this post when I search for the main points of the law suit.

How to Create Secure Passwords and Stay Safe Online...
We share how to create a strong password and how to set up and secure your wireless router at home. We strongly urge you to watch these videos how to keep you and your family safe.

Hello My Name Is SilentJay and I'm a ...
We have a new member to the Best PCs team. Let me be the first to welcome me to the team. I call myself SilentJay, ya that's right I'm a grown man still using a net handle...

In this video we share tips and tricks with the all new Microsoft Edge Web Browser. I was not a big fan of this app and still preferred In...

Kaspersky Total Security 2017 Tutorial Parts 1 and 2
Kaspersky Total Security 2017 Tutorial Parts 1 and 2 include the installation process and the configuring the settings for optimum protection. This is a Multi-Part Video Series on Kaspersky.

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These Eggs are not your typical eggs. They are going to make you need water. Ingredients... 2 Jalapenos... 8 Eggs...

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Looking for Someone to do a Software Review?
At A Best PCs we are glad on reviewing a software for you to look up. It is our duty to help you determine what software is better and where to go for tutorials. If you would like us to review what software is good based on features and don't want to install multiple software onto your computer, then let us do it for you. Its free. All you do is go to and  in the Mail Form, select Software Review as the Subject then type in what software you are looking for and any special features and we will look up the best software and compare your options if available. You may also want to subscribe to this blog, and comment in the text below for the software you want to be reviewed.

 Blog Article By: Andrew Ditch from A Best PCs | Updated 8/17/16 AT 7:30 PM ET