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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hello My Name Is SilentJay and I'm a ...

      We have a new member to the Best PCs team. Let me be the first to welcome me to the team. I call myself SilentJay, ya that's right I'm a grown man still using a net handle. I feel the net handle is just this generations pen name. Who gave Mark Twain and Stan Lee crap for their name? That's right no one. (Did he just compare himself to Mark Twain and Stan Lee?)(Yes I did.)
      I am a youtuber with a subscription base in the 20's and a Podcaster with a base of at least 10. So when the opportunity to add blogger to my impressive resume arose, well how could I say no. 
      What I plan to bring to the team (all two of us) is unique perspective on, well, everything. In the invitation i was asked to review any of a wide range of technology based categories. However what you will not read from me is what is hot and new. My expertise is hitting the inner nostalgia button we all have. While the boss will bring to you a take on the newest Windows, I might talk about my first text adventure DOS game. Why is it important to relive the past, well to understand the future of course.
      I can't wait to jump in with my news, views, and reviews. See ya soon.


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